Know More about Us

Known as the Creative Group, the members come from diverse spiritual disciplines representing all walks of life and cultures. All share one common denominator for coming together; a strong conviction that Good is to be found in all people everywhere and that the individual can make a choice to recognize it or not, as the case may be.

The Code of Humanity, Great World Prayer, and Co-Creative Ideals Bookmarks are the Group's outreach to share their ideal of choices for encouraging the Good to manifest in everyone. Almost 19,000,000 copies of these Bookmarks are presently distributed throughout the world. To date, we have received requests from people in over 146 countries. Should you resonate to these Bookmarks, please feel free to request copies for yourself or your organization.

There is no charge or obligation of any kind for the Bookmarks, although postage is always appreciated. Organizations may request up to 500 Bookmarks at a time.

The Bookmarks represent the creative thoughts, values, and ethics of a group of people who have worked together for over twenty-five years.

The Creative Group is a non-profit organization, and no one is paid for their services in this outreach. We are volunteers who choose "the Principle of Sharing."

We are here to offer you the 90-Second Co-Creative Process. We are not here to collect lists, money, names, or to showcase our group.

Thank you for participating.

About Us is About You.

Let us Seed and Co-Create the "Reservoir of Common Good" together.

The Creative Group